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Delivery and Installation Instructions:At BestCarportsOnline, we aim to provide you the best product and service available in the carport/metal building industry. To help us make your experience the best it can be, we ask that you adhere to these simple guidelines. You will  receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of placing the order and making your down payment, except weekends and holidays.  Thereafter, installation should take place under normal circumstances within 2- 8 weeks (usually 10 days to 4 weeks), weather permitting.  Carport Company/Seller will contact you to schedule the installation approximately 4 days or more in advance.  Cancellation may occur within 3 days of order for a full refund. The only charge made prior to delivery will be 10-15% of the pre-tax building cost determined by the building size.  As the dealer for the Carport Company, BestCarportsOnline is not responsible for scheduling or installation of structures or for any issues or conflicts which arise during scheduling of your unit.  However, we will work closely with you and the Carport Company and installers as a liaison, to help make the process as  smooth  as possible. Please try to be ready for installation at the time you place your  order .  To keep prices as reasonable as possible, crews load several units at a time for installation in any given area.  If you are unable to take delivery on the first schedule attempt, you may  have to wait for the next load in your area. Weather, mechanical problems, issues with the previous installs and other complications will and do cause cancellations and delays. The Carport Company/Seller attempts to keep you informed of same.  However, please be understanding and patient with us in such event to work through these issues as they arise. To make the installation process go smoothly, please keep in mind  that YOU are responsible:

  • To insure that your ground or pad (packed dirt, gravel, cement or asphalt) is square and level, and, specifically, no more than 3” out of level.  If you are pouring a cement or asphalt  pad, the pad should be the same size as your structure less one foot in length (example,  20 x 21 pad should be 20 x 20).
  • For locating and informing installers of underground power, sewer, gas, cable and lines. This is of utmost importance for the safety of the crew and to protect your property. Generally,  line location services are FREE but must be scheduled in advance. Please check with your local authorities to ensure timely completion of this task.
  • For obtaining all inspections and  permits necessary for the installation of your structure.  Generic engineered drawings are available for all certified structures free of charge. If your municipality requires sealed or site specific engineered drawings, there is an additional charge.  You are responsible for knowing what is required in your area in order to minimize problems with permitting and inspections.
  • For informing the Carport Company if there are any impedements to installation of your unit (long distance hauling required, difficult access, etc) or if your unit is to be built in close proximity to or on any other object (fences, retaining walls, other buildings etc.)
  • To be present on the day of delivery, having someone else there in your stead or making other arrangements with the Carport Company. Payment for the  balance due is expected upon satisfactory installation of your unit by Money order, cashier’s check or credit card.

 AND BY ALL MEANS, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us at (866) 559-3057