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Getting Ready for Your New Metal Carport Building

Preparing the site for your new building is crucial to ensure proper installation. Despite the type of structure, performing a few small tasks ahead of the crew’s arrival will help everything go smoothly. Use our guide to getting ready for your new building.

Clear the Space

Before your building arrives, you’ll know its size. Determine where you want the building to go and mark the area. Using a tape measure and spray paint, roughly outline the building’s size on the ground. After, keep that area clear of everything. You’ll also want to clear the surrounding area so the crew has room to set up their tools and the building’s pieces. 

Mark Any Underground Utilities

You’ll want to mark all the underground utilities before the crew arrives. This is usually a free service that the local government or utility companies will perform. You are responsible for making sure that the installation crew knows of any underground electric, gas, cable and other lines. This is very important for the safety of the crew and to protect your property. 

Make Sure the Ground Is Level

This will preserve your warranty and ensure that the unit looks good on your property. If the ground is not level, the crew might use bricks, blocks, or other levelers to make sure the structure is level. These additions may not be pleasing to the eye.

If the ground is unlevel side to side but not front to back, the crew may be able to cut legs. Typically, if it is necessary to cut any part of the building, there will be a small cut fee at the time of installation. Further, if the crew is unable to install, there will likely be extra charges associated with any return trip. 

Put Down Base Material

After the ground is level, put down any base material you want the structure to sit on. This is not an absolute though—if you want it to sit on the ground that’s okay. We can build on anything, as long as it’s level. For example, if you want to lay down stone, ensure it’s level and doesn’t have any high spots. The same applies to concrete. If you put down a concrete pad, leave enough time for it to dry and cure fully.

Whether you ordered a new garage, horizontal carport, or any other structure from Best Carports Online, you’ll need to prepare for installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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