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5 Different Kinds of Carports to Protect Your Vehicles

As of 2016, rural counties in America were home to roughly 14 percent of the total population. Public transportation is often unreliable or unavailable in those areas, so for the people who live there, a car or truck is a necessity—and so is protecting those vehicles from the elements. Farmers also have a number of trucks, tractors, and farming equipment that need homes, too. Fortunately, there are several different kinds of carports that can accommodate vehicles and equipment of all sizes.

Standard Metal Carports

Our standard metal carport can fit one, two, or three cars, depending on your needs. The single and double carports range from 12 to 24 feet wide and up to 14 feet tall. All our carports are designed to withstand high winds, rain, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it. They’re available in several different colors with different roof styles.

Carport Combo Unit

The combo unit is similar to the standard carport and comes in all the same styles and colors. The difference is that it also comes with a shed at the back end, under the roof. The shed is ideal for storing garden tools, bikes, toys, and whatever else doesn’t fit in your house. If you don’t need storage space, you can convert the shed into an evening hangout spot to unwind.

RV Covers

RVs are amazing—they’re perfect for road trips and tailgating. When they aren’t on the road, though, they’re tough to store. Our RV covers are large enough to cover your party bus with ease, and they’re made from the same high-grade materials as all our other products. We also offer sizes that can comfortably fit both an RV and a car.

Metal Barn Carports

If you need to protect tractors, combines, or even livestock, consider our metal barn carports. All the barns can be customized for your needs. We can add tack rooms and frame out stalls for your livestock. The solid construction will ensure that the structure lasts a lifetime.

Commercial Carports

Our commercial-grade carports have something that all commercial grade buildings should have: durability and strength. The truss design of these massive carports allows for storage of items up to 60 feet wide and 16 feet tall. That should be big enough to store most construction equipment, tractor trailers, farm equipment, or building materials. We offer several upgrade options with this model to make sure your equipment is covered.

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