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Things to Put in Your Garage Instead of a Car

In many homes across America, the garage is nothing more than a place to put the car or truck for the night. It is a place with the sole purpose of parking and has little use beyond that. The garage is a dirty, cold, utilitarian place—not to mention an afterthought. Well, the garage can be … Read more

Eight Creative Ways to Modify Your Carport

A carport provides a very versatile and affordable building option. Even though a carport has a specific purpose for which it was designed, you have many creative ways to modify your carport if you wish to do so. The first and most practical use is to park cars under it. Beyond that, only your imagination can hold … Read more

Getting Ready for Your New Metal Carport Building

Preparing the site for your new building is crucial to ensure proper installation. Despite the type of structure, performing a few small tasks ahead of the crew’s arrival will help everything go smoothly. Use our guide to getting ready for your new building. Clear the Space Before your building arrives, you’ll know its size. Determine where … Read more

5 Reasons to Choose a Metal Carport

Leaving your car outside, at the mercy of the elements, will certainly speed up its decline. Rain, hail, wind, and sunlight can damage the paint, cause dents, and make the car look much older than it is. To protect your vehicle, consider giving it a home. When deciding what kind of carport you want to … Read more

What Kind of Foundation Does a Carport Need?

Before we can tell you what kind of foundation a carport needs, there’s something to do no matter what base the carport will sit on. Before the crew shows up with the materials to install your new combo unit, RV cover, or triple wide carport, the ground must be level. It doesn’t matter if the carport will … Read more

What’s the Best Way to Insulate a Garage?

For most homeowners, controlling their garage’s temperature is a challenge. Keeping a constant temperature in a room which has a door that opens several times a day, or is even left open for hours at a time, can be problematic. Constant temperature fluctuations have the potential to damage items such as tools, cars, or toys … Read more