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6 Reasons to Invest in a Carport Instead of a Garage

Buying a new or used car is a huge expense. You want to make sure that investment has a permanent home that protects it from the elements. Parking your car under a roof on a concrete slab is good for the life of the vehicle. Carports and garages both get the job done, but carports have an advantage.

Weather can ruin a car

When you leave your car exposed to the elements, you’re asking for trouble. Hail, wind, rain, and sunlight will make your car look old and run-down long before it should. Constant sunlight will fade your paint. A hail storm can make your truck look like a newly-dimpled golf ball in minutes if it’s left out in the elements. Carports offer necessary protection.

It’s cheaper than a garage

A basic carport without sides can be constructed for a fraction of the cost of a garage and in less time. Save even more money and put it up yourself. A carport also has less surface area and no moving parts, like a door, so it’s easier to maintain. You can also take a carport down and move it if you want to put it in a different spot on your property.

You can’t load it up with stuff

Some Americans say there is too much clutter in their garage to fit their car inside it. People load them up with stuff they don’t need, want, or know what to do with. Everyone tosses their unused items in the garage where it’s often forgotten forever and eventually there’s no room for your car. The open layout of a carport doesn’t lend itself to closing the door, turning off the light, and forgetting about the mess.

It can be used for events

The next time you want to have the crew over for some fun, hang some Christmas lights and lanterns in the carport, and now it’s party central. The concrete pad and roof kind of look like a pavilion at the park, so set up some tables, put out some food, and treat it like one. The open-air atmosphere will keep things cool in the summer night.

Extra shade on a hot day

If your A/C decided to die on the hottest day of the year, you’re covered. Head to the store for some ice and beverages but park the car in the street this time. Ice down those drinks, set up some chairs and a table, and relax in the shade until the HVAC guy is done with the repairs.

Add value to your home

For all the reasons listed above, a carport will add value to your home. This is a home improvement after all. Additional structures always add value to a home and a carport is no different. Increasing the value of your biggest investment will only benefit you in the long term. There may come a time when you want to move, and that new carport might be the difference between selling and not.

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